BerlinAnalytix GmbH

Ullsteinstr. 108

2109 Berlin



Phone: +49 176 8102 2467

Fax:     +49 30 2060 7398-20

Contact: Dr. Mike Barbeck

E-Mail: mike.barbeck@berlinanalytix.com


BerlinAnalytix‘s expertise is focussed on the following areas:

  • Planning and support of (pre-) clinical studies
  •  Histological processing of a variety of biopsies
  •  (Immuno-) histochemical detection methods
  •  Histopathological and histomorphometric analyses
  •  Scientific reports and publications


BerlinAnalytix provides comprehensive support for biomaterial studies.

Fraunhofer Institute for Microengineering and Microsystems
Carl-Zeiss-Str. 18-20
55129 Mainz


Phone: +49 6131 990-0
Fax: +49 6131 990-205


Our scientists are engaged in research and development in the fields of Energy, Chemistry and Diagnostics. The emphasis is on hydrogen-based energy supply, sustainable chemistry, and process analysis as well as personalized diagnostics and liquid biopsy.


In the division Analysis Systems and Sensors, we create efficient solutions for the extraction and enrichment of relevant biomarkers and cells for fast, automated, and personalized precision diagnostics in the laboratory and also on-site. With our development work we achieve an essential contribution to the societal challenges “secure, clean and efficient energy”, “climate action, environment and resource efficiency” as well as “health”.

Fraunhofer-Institut für Lasertechnik ILT

Steinbachstr. 15

52074 Aachen



Phone: +49 241 8906-605

Fax:      +49 241 8906-121

Contact: Dr. rer. nat. Nadine Nottrodt, Biofabrication.

E-Mail: nadine.nottrodt@ilt.fraunhofer.de


The Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT is worldwide one of the most important development and contract research institutes of its specific field. The activities cover a wide range of areas including e.g. laser cutting, drilling, welding and soldering as well as surface treatment, micro processing and additive manufacturing.


The technology field Medical Technology and Biophotonics develops applications for lasers in Bioprinting, therapy and diagnostics. Bioprinting technologies are investigated for cell identification and single cell printing. Using nanostructuring and photochemical surface modification, the field is making a contribution to generating biofunctional surfaces.

ibidi GmbH

Lochhamer Schlag 11

82166 Gräfelfing



Phone: +49 89 5204617-15

Fax: +49 89 5204617-59

Contact: Dr. Zeno von Guttenberg

E-Mail: zguttenberg@ibidi.de


Since its foundation in 2001, ibidi GmbH has developed an extensive product range in the field of cell-based assays. The company has a large technology portfolio for the necessary microfluidic microscopy slides made of optically high-quality plastics. The carriers are designed in our own research and development department using 3D-CAD solutions.


Design, production, rapid prototyping, surface treatment and application tests take place in our own facilities and laboratories. ibidi has 25 families of intellectual property rights with over 80 actively pursued individual applications of which 60 patents have been granted. The company is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.

Microdrop Technologies GmbH

Tycho-Brahe-Kehre 1

22844 Norderstedt



Phone: +49 40 535383-0

Fax:      +49 40 535383-24

E-Mail: info@microdrop.de



Liquid handling, spotting, and automated dispensing of liquid amounts in the sub-microliter range is an essential step in the production of biochips, lateral flow or lab-on-a-chip devices. The printing of microarrays and the fabrication of biosensors all require a precise and reliable handling of very small amounts of fluids.


Microdrop Technologies provides a variety of non-contact micro-dispensing products ideally suited for this demanding application field. High-precision dispensing of volumes in the picoliter and nanoliter range enables the user to print spots or lines and structures of aqueous solutions as well as solvent-based liquids in a wide viscosity range.

Natural and Medical Sciences Institute at the University of Tübingen

Markwiesenstrasse 55

72770 Reutlingen,


Phone: +49 (0)7121 51530 872

Fax: +49 (0)7121 51530 16

E-mail: hanna.hartmann@nmi.de


For clients in the medical technology and biomedicine fields, we conduct R&D studies and offer a suite of services. The focus of the Group Regenerative Biomaterials is on:

  • Development of new materials, including biomaterial processing (bioprinting, electrospinning), medical device coating and drug delivery
  • Physicochemical analyses, such as surface characterization, biomaterial degradation and release kinetics
  • Biological assays, e.g. on interaction of biology and materials, biocompatibility, cell adhesion, antimicrobial activity and activation of immune cells

Primacyt Cell Culture Technology GmbH

Hagenower Str. 73

19061 Schwerin



Phone: +49 385 3993-600

Fax:     +49 385 3993-602

E-Mail: info@primacyt.de


PRIMACYT offers one of the world’s most comprehensive portfolios of liver related products obtained from human and animal species like birds, fresh and seawater fish, rodents, and farm animals. We offer primary human and animal cells, liver subcellular fractions, ex vivo skin explants, and consumables for applications in environmental toxicology, preclinical testing and product development in human and animal health. Products are manufactured in accordance with OECD test guidelines.


We have a validated technology platform to assay drug transporter activities in stably transfected HEK293-cells and primary hepatocytes. We are GLP certified and serve as a reference laboratory for the EU.

Universitätsmedizin Greifswald

 Institut für Anatomie und Zellbiologie

 Friedrich-Loeffler-Str. 23c

 17478 Greifswald




Prof. Dr. Nicole Endlich

Phone: +49 3834-86 53 03

E-Mail: nicole.endlich@uni-greifswald.de



Pioneer Group

St Christopher’s House

27 St Christopher’s Place




Contact: Miranda Knaggs

Phone: +447824 430 411



Pioneer Group provides real estate, investment and venture building services to the science and technology sectors. Providing the environments in which businesses are more likely to succeed. Pioneer Group integrates start-up and scale-up venture development programmes, VC investment and real estate, with powerful sector-specific business-focused communities, helping science businesses grow. Managing more than 2.6 million square feet across ten locations: BioCity Glasgow, BioCity Nottingham, Cardiff Edge, Colworth Science Park, Edinburgh Technopole, Hexagon Tower (Manchester), Kent Science Park, MediCity Nottingham, Wilton Centre (North Yorkshire) and Cherrywood (Dublin, Ireland).

Pioneer Group is the largest community of scientists, technologists and entrepreneurs in Europe. With hundreds of companies across the portfolio, Pioneer represent 7.5% of the entire U.K. science ecosystem. We work with universities, high-growth companies, large corporates, health care providers, and local government to help innovation at our campuses flourish. We facilitate community interaction through a wide-ranging events programme, our dedicated online networking platform, and curated introductions to key contacts within our wider collective.

Jellagen Limited

Unit G5-G6, Capital Business Park, Wentloog Cardiff, CF3 2PX

United Kingdom


Phone: +44 333 358 3299

E-Mail: info@jellagen.co.uk


Jellagen® Limited is an ISO13485:2016 certified marine biotechnologies company GMP- manufacturing of high value purified marine collagen extracted from a specific jellyfish. Jellagen’s marine collagen technology is supplied into the cell culture market and technology platform is also utilised to develop innovative tissue engineering solutions.

The product range includes:

  • Jellagen®: a next generation collagen biomaterial to support cell culture, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine applications.
  • Jellagen®-2D collagen pre-coated well-plates
  • Jellagen®-3D collagen scaffolds

JellaGel™ - 3D collagen hydrogels suitable for 3D cell culture and bioprinting platform

Bioparc Bordeaux Métropole
27 allée Charles Darwin
33600 Pessac


Phone: +33 5 35 544728
E-mail: contact@poietis.com


Poietis is an innovative biotechnology company that developed NGB-R, a 4th-generation multi-modal biofabrication instrument featuring exclusive bioprinting technologies and industrial-grade robotics for reproducible, operator-independent processes.


With over 52 exclusive patents filed, Poietis is the only company that offers laser-assisted bioprinting (LAB) technology. With LAB, cells can be spatially organized into a specific pattern, positioned in 3D with extremely high cellular resolution and printed with superior cellular viability (>95%).


Over the past few years, Poietis partnered up with some of the world’s leading cosmetics and pharmaceutical groups such as L’Oréal, Servier and BASF.